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Hadron Collider: End of the World?

Don't worry - we survived the official opening of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).  We don't usually post educational videos here but this sure was interesting.  An army of critics were claiming this colossal machine might create mini black holes that would devour the earth.

This truly mammoth machine spans 17 miles in circumference, straddling the French-Swiss border. After $8 billion and 14 years of work by thousands of physicists and engineers, the LHC has finally been fired up. It's purpose is to accelerate two beams of protons to 99.999999% light speed in a huge tube in opposite directions and then slam them into each other to recreate the sizzling temperatures found at the instant of the Big Bang, and thereby unlock the greatest secrets of the universe.  Deep huh. 

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Hadron Collider:  End of the World?

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