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How to Wash a Cat

Some people have the misconception that cats never need to be bathed, that somehow they lick themselves clean.  Well contrary to this popular belief, they do need to be cleaned and here are the procedures to accomplish the task.  

Ok, here are steps you need to wash your cat - get ready for the wildest 45 seconds of your life.

  1. Dress for the occasion.  A 4-ply rubber wet suit, helmet, facemask, and welder's gloves.
  2. Use a bath with a glass enclosure
  3. Have the supplies in the bathtub beforehand
  4. Draw the water a little warmer than needed
  5. Find your cat
  6. Speed is essential, drop the cat in the tub as quick as possible
  7. Field the cat's body and catapult him through the air
  8. Rub vigorously
  9. Only attempt to lather and rinse three times
  10. Dry the cat
  11. Wrap the towel around the cat
  12. Be sure the cat is firmly wrapped in a towel, put the cat on the floor then get the hell out of there

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How to Wash A Cat

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