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Afro NinjaDavid Blaine Ripping His Heart OutRubber JohnnyStar Wars AnimationsApollo MissionsDoom 3
Dirty HandsBruce LeeThe Microsoft iPodBaby DrummerNuma Numa DanceGirl Gets Swallowed By CarApollo MissionsSteve-O
Amazing CarsLebron JamesClassic Hockey FightsHornets vs. BeesExtreme SkydivingYodaAnimal Fights
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The Latest Animations and Video

The Hubble Universe
What is the Truth
900 Pound Liger
Jim Leyland Ejection
I Can Only Imagine
Many Faces of Paris 
Roller Blade Rail
Firecracker Roll
Bar Drop
Happy Together
Gleason on Acid
Poor George Bush
Office Nap 
Burning Safari
Bad Pitcher
Water Power
The Hello Curve
Neo vs. Robocop
Bouncer Lessons
Skittles Beard
Nintendo 64!!!
Mothers Day Picture
Do You See Death?
Kentucky vs. Duke
History of Red
Freddy Krueger is Back
Matzo Man
Figure Skateboarding
True Maniac
Backwards Bowling
Jump Boots
The Muppet Matrix
Before the Web
Amazing Ping Pong
She Swallows
Les Kiriki
Chinese Dance (11mb)
World's Tallest Man (11mb)
Human Cannon Ball
Candy Venery
How Did World War I Start
War Animation
Paper Wars
Smiley Intervention
Pulling Teeth
Roadside Memorials
Cool Pumpkin Carvings
The Great Race
The Black Knight
Flame Soaker
The Evil Clarence
The Honor Student 
A New Pope 
Lalinea Classic
Are You Fat?
Video Game Junkie
Mentos Fizz
The Taser Guy
Airplane Race
Bread Factory
Erupting Volcano
Tech Impersonator
Extreme Rafting
Marines and Quicksand
Keep Your Girl Happy 
Hold Onto Your Piece 
Floating Magnet 
Inflatable Sofa Launch 
Classic Computer Bash  
Bike Race Gone Bad
Afro Ninja
Extreme Human Abilities
Famous Threat
High Voice
Speed Climbing
Apollo Missions
Baseball Farewell
Amazing Waves  
Amazing Snowboarding
Surprise Endings
Amazing Dogs
Face Slap in Slow Motion
Make Your Own Cartoon
Eating Cactus
Don't Join the Army
Slow Motion Rocket
Soldier Faints
Beatles Ukulele
A Woman's Limits
Monkey Kissing Prank
The Ice Age and Milk
World T-Shirts Record
The Laws of Nature
Extreme Unicycle
The Wrong Groceries
Awesome Dominoes
Animal Fights
We're Just Monkeys
The Raver
Precision Diving
A Love Story
The Hydro Foil
Jungle Bungee
Stupid People
Hurricane Katrina
One Ring
Dance Floor Collapses
Amateur Music Player
Helicopters Crash
Zelda Movie
Held Against My Will
I Didn't Know 
Flash Illusion
Electricono Flash
End of the World
The Exorcist
Bad Easter Bunny
Old Lady And Fly
The Art of Motion
History of the word F***
Hill Billys (Part 1, 2, & 3)
Poop Frustration
Deep Space
Tootsie-pop Poison
Emo Culture
Liver Foundation
Die in Style
Don't Press this Button
Wartime Fun

The Unknown Rebel
Lord of the Rings
Tiger Woods Swing
Motorcycle Lightning
Wrestling is Real
Queenie Animation
Vodafone Melons
Monkey Smell
Huge Donation
Stop Crying
Extreme Skipping
Beginning and the End
Sneaky Animals
The Computer Man
Jokes With Einstein (4 clips)
Pizza Palace
Horse Opera
Animated Musical Notes
Plastic Hammer
Santa Sells Out
All Your Pie
Don't like the Macintosh
Banana Phone
Real Life Prank Call
Scary Screamer
Lady Loses Her Head
Celebrity American Idol
Color Blind Test
Conjunction Junction
Doom 3 - Scary
Lynx Goes For Crafty
Bad Landing
Robot Fights
Perfect Time
Funny Day at the Ballet   
Bad Predictions
The Exquisite Bunny
The New Oscar Statue
Burning House
Star Wars Animations
Human Infection
Defender of the Supermart
Earth vs. Betty
Woodstock Generation in
Prince of Persia
Prince of
Lightning Pool
Lightning Pool
Ultimate Sonic Flash Game


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