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End of the World in 2012

According to the The Mayan Calendar, we're all doomed in 2012.  The best quote in this animation was from the dinosaur - "Oh not again". 

A little history relating to the Mayans and the year 2012 below:

Sadly, some people have already quit their jobs because they feel they have enough money to last them through the year 2012.  They figure they won't need money after that year anyway.

That's because they believe the world as we know it will end in the year 2012. They point to the ancient Maya cyclical calendars, the longest of which last renewed itself approximately 5,125 years ago and is set to end again, supposedly with catastrophic consequences, in 2012.  The ancient Egyptians also saw 2012 as a year of great change too.

Apparently, NASA predicts a sharp increase in the number of sunspots and sun flares for 2012, whom the Mayan believers say are sure to cause electrical failures and satellite disruptions.

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World Will End in 2012

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